A New Drag & Drop Page Builder is Coming Out

And It’s Going to be FREE!

Free page builder software that actually works is a really good thing because it saves us time and money.

But before we get into the free page builder, let’s discuss some of the problems we face with our websites …

And why we need page builders, even if your site is built with WordPress or with paid services like Wix or SquareSpace.

For this article, we are going to cover two specific things that specialty page builders provide. And that’s Integrations and sales funnels.


One of the challenges we have with our websites is the ability to communicate with other software services like a webinar platform and an email autoresponder.

But what are most websites using to collect lead information? They are using opt-in forms that require some technical set up.

The manual way is to copy and paste html code every time you put up an opt-in form on your website, even on your pop ups.

Copying & pasting code may not always work properly because of human error – we have a tendency to copy & paste the code with errors like putting a period, bracket, parentheses or an extra space somewhere in the code, which could screw things up.

The easier more efficient way is to use what’s called Integrations.

Page builders come with integrations for most of the commonly used autoresponder services and webinar platforms.

To establish a secure connection to your autoresponder and the opt-in form, all you need to do is copy and paste a simple line or code or two, just 1 time.

The code is provided by your autoresponder, webinar or any other software platforms you’d like to use.

Once that’s done, you can select the autoresponder and then the subscriber list.

That’s it!

Integrations makes things work seamlessly and will save you time and headaches compared to the manual method.

Does your website have integrations with most autoresponder and webinar services?

If you don’t have integrations, the good news is that you will be able to use the free drag & drop page builder coming out soon, because it will have integrations with the following software products:

Sales Funnels

Another problem is creating sales funnel pages to showcase multiple products one at a time.

It’s a cumbersome task to build all the sales pages and put them together in a nice logical sequence.

Most websites just sell products that get added to the shopping cart, and the customer would check out.

And that was it.

But smart marketers realized they were missing out on additional profits because the visitor was not going through a sales funnel where multiple products could be showcased one at a time.

The Current Solution

To solve such problems, software companies like ClickFunnels and LeadPages provided a very easy to use drag and drop page builder service several years ago.

It can create visually appealing opt-in pages aand pop up forms that connect to most commonly used autoresponders and webinar platforms in the market via integrations.

And you can also create sales funnel pages to showcase various products, allowing the visitor to go on a journey from visiting your website and becoming a lead.

The prospect can look through multiple products one at a time, offering exceptional 1-time only package discount offers, so the visitor has the option to take advantage of the deal, and become a happy customer.

Customers love getting more value at a lower price.

This is an amazingly convenient tool to have and many people currently are paying anywhere from $15 to $100 a month for the basic features, and even $300 a month for the higher plans.

The demand for these page builders is still very strong and is a necessary part of owning a website to conduct business online.

But Who Wants to Pay Such Hefty Monthly Fees?

Ok. Some knowledgeable people might say, there are FREE plugin page builders for WordPress.

But free versions do not give you the full features and most people often say, page builder plugins slow down your site.

And what if you get stuck?

There’s nobody to ask for support.

You’ll wind up wasting a lot of time searching for the answers on Google and YouTube.

To cut down on the time, people start to gravitate towards paid page builder plugins, which comes with the support to get help when you get stuck.

There’s usually a small to modest annual cost (up to $150 depending on the plan) to keep receiving support, but still have limits and restrictions on the number of sites you can use.

The Better Solution!
An Alternative Solution is the New Stand Alone Drag and Drop Page Builder that’s going to be FREE but Only for a Limited Time

What do you get with this Free Drag & Drop Page Builder?

You get to build UNLIMITED
• Websites as you want
• With unlimited pages
• unlimited hosting
• And unlimited bandwidth

Royalty Free Images
You can upload up to 1 GB of your own images, or you can use the royalty free image database that is included in this page builder.

Mobile Responsive
The size of your pages will conform to fit any device that accesses your site, whether it be a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

The following software products will integrate with the Free Page Builder.
• Aweber
• GetResponse
• Active Campaign
• Campaign Monitor
• InfusionSoft
• GoToWebinar
• WebinarJam
• EverGreen Webinar

You’ll have a chance to get it for free for a limited time.

In order to get access, click the “Sign Up” button below to get notified before the release date …

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