How to Get More Leads From Your Website Traffic with One Small Change

If you have a blog or website that’s already getting traffic, chances are, you are missing out on good leads just slipping away.

What good is it, when you have a website that gets traffic, but sucks at converting traffic into leads and sales?

The Problem

The industry standard opt in conversion rate for an average site is about 2.35%

So over 95% of the traffic coming to your website leave without taking any action.

And most pop up tools treat every visitor the same and wind up annoying them rather than engaging them effectively.

Design vector created by freepik –

And visitors get bored seeing the same kind of pop ups on people’s sites, so the opt-in rate eventually goes down over time.

It’s what I call “The Samo Samo Factor.”

Some bloggers and web site owners give in and accept that the lower opt-in rates are the new normal and even buy into the idea that Email Marketing is dying.

Others will allocate more funds for additional traffic and use paid lead capture services like Optinmonster, LeadPages or ClickFunnels to get more opt-ins from their site.Those services incur a monthly fee and have some limitations for their inexpensive basic plans, like limitations on the number of sites you can use or the number of visitors you can have per month.

For people who are more cost conscious, they use free lead capture plugins but to use the full feature and receive support, you’ll need to pay and upgrade to the Pro version.

So as you can see, we have a handful of issues with some of these lead capture tools, as well as the ongoing costs that can add up over time.

The Good News is, I came across two established Internet Marketers (Matt & Joe) who found a solution to this problem.

They did some extensive research into increasing their opt-in rate with just 1 small change to their blog.

They were originally using Thrive Leads to capture visitors’ emails for a long time, but one day, it just stopped working for them.

They said …

“We ran into some sort of bug where our opt-ins just stopped appearing.”

So they sent a support ticket and got back this message

In order to get support, they needed to pay an annual fee

So instead of paying for support on something that had issues, Matt & Joe switched to Optinmonster with the $49/mo plan or $588 a year.

They put Optinmonster to the test but were not thrilled.

The designs were ugly and outdated (Samo Samo Factor) and they couldn’t customize the designs the way they wanted.

And the worst part is, they were not happy with the 3.6% opt-in rate that they got with Optinmonster.

Matt and Joe needed another solution.

And it came from their friend Josh who was on a board committee for a software product and advised them to make their design look neat and cleaner.

Take a look at these two designs:

Which Design do you think is more appealing to visitors today?

Well Matt & Joe put the newly designed opt in form to the test.

They used the same copy, the same lead magnet, and the same offer, but they changed the design to look Clean, Simple and Neat and added a personal profile pic at the top.

They used a software called ConvertBox to create this new simple design on the right. 

And their results were mind blowing!

According to, the average landing page conversion rate falls around 2.35%. The top 25% sites are converting at 5.31% and above, while the top 10% are looking at 11.45% and above.

Matt & Joe had 3.6% Opt-in rate with Optinmonster, which is still better than average, but they doubled their Opt-in rate to 7.17% using ConvertBox.

They did not expect to see such incredible results, but this is the 1 small change they made to double their opt in rate.

Why did this work so well?

• The opt-in boxes look slick and modern.
• Adding your profile picture to the form gave the visitors a personal touch.
• And it looks more friendly and customer service oriented that says “How can I help you?”
• Rather than the old cluttered design that says “Give me your email address”

Clean, Simple and Neat is getting people’s attention and it looks to be a new trend going forward.

But with ConvertBox, there’s more than just design alone.

Remember how I said that most pop-up tools treat everyone the same?

Well ConvertBox allows you to custom tailor the visitors’ experience based on where they are coming from.

For example, if the visitor came from clicking your Facebook Ad about how to start an eCommerce business, you can set up a custom-tailored pop up to display only to those visitors, asking them if they are looking for a Course on eCommerce…

Matching your message with what the visitor came looking for can boost Opt-in conversions.

This is called Message to Market Match, which unfortunately, is overlooked by many bloggers and site owners.

They are still using the one size fits all pop-up lead generation strategy, treating everyone the same and hoping that many visitors will be interested in their offer.

With ConvertBox, you can create targeted campaigns based on specific traffic sources coming to your site.

Advanced Features

You can get more advanced with ConvertBox by displaying your forms based on conditions.

For example …

And there’s a lot more criteria of conditions you can choose from, such as
New Visitors, Returning Visitors, Referring Sites, New Leads, Existing Customers, Cart Abandonment

And you can also use several conversion features like
• 2 step sequence
• Scarcity with built in timers
• Embedding videos in your pop-up
• Segmenting your leads with multiple choice options (eg. Yes, No).

By custom tailoring the visitors’ experience, you’ll have a much better chance of converting your traffic into leads, your leads into customers, and more profits for your business.

How does ConvertBox work?

It is a stand-alone software that works with any WordPress site or html site and will work with most page builders.

• For WordPress sites, it’s an easy install via a plugin.
• For non-WordPress sites, just embed a simple line of code.
• The back-end dashboard is refreshingly simple and intuitive.

There are only two tabs when you log in.

Dashboard and Stats.

For the Dashboard, there are only two buttons: Group & New ConvertBox

On the top left, you can select the site you want to work on. To add a site, select Manage My Sites. You can add up to 10 sites with a regular account package.

To add up to 50 sites, you will need to upgrade to the Pro Version (which I highly recommend).

I’ll cover how you can recoup your investment if you decide to pick up ConvertBox with my link.

On the top right, you have your usual settings.

Settings will give you access to 4 tabs (see pic below) from your profile to set your name and password, Billing, Integrations with your autoresponders, and My Sites to add more sites to your Convert Box account.

Installation gives you the choices on how to connect your ConvertBox account with your blog or website.

Connect by

• Plugin to your WordPress site
• or by embedding a line of code to your html sites.

ConvertBox allows you to integrate with the following email autoresponder services.

And pretty much anything else via custom HTML forms.

They promise to be adding more integrations all the time.

What kind of pop ups can you display with ConvertBox?

Convert Box allows you to display 4 kinds of lead capture widgets.

Sticky Bar

These bars usually go on the top of your page but can also go on the bottom.

Callout Modal

With the Call Out Modal, you can select 2 different positions to display the pop up.  Bottom Right, or Bottom Left.

Center Modal

These are the common pop ups that show up in the center of the screen.

Full Page Modal

Covers the entire screen of your website, so it forces the visitor to focus on this page only.

These examples are some of the templates that are currently inside my ConvertBox account and there will be more to come.

If you don’t like the templates, no worries.

You can design your own forms and customize them to your liking with your own images and colors.

How Can You Get Access to ConvertBox and How Much Does it Cost?

As you can see on this Billings tab, I have the Lifetime Pro account and will never have to pay again.

The good news is, you still have a chance to get the Special Early Access Pilot Program to ConvertBox.

This is a Limited Time Offer and you can lock in a 1-time rate Lifetime deal right now and avoid paying monthly fees like you would with Optinmonster, LeadPages or ClickFunnels.

And you also get all future updates and new features at no extra charge.

If you want to lock in your life-time deal of ConvertBox, now is the time to get it.

• ConvertBox is $295 (10 Sites)
• ConvertBox Pro is $390 (50 Sites)

So don’t wait too long because the founder of ConvertBox (Dean Saunders) said the pricing will go to a monthly or annual fee after the lifetime deal ends.

What I’ll Do for You

If you decide to purchase ConvertBox with my link, I’ll make it worthwhile for you by including the following bonuses

• 2 Ways to Recoup Your Investment Cost for ConvertBox
• Message to Market Match Training to Increase Your Conversions
• Training on How to Easily Create Your Own Lead Magnet*
* I’ll include a lead magnet you can use right away.

So if you want to get more leads from your website without paying monthly fees, get your copy of ConvertBox now before the lifetime deal expires.

It’s a simple software tool for your website dedicated to getting more sales from your existing traffic in an intelligent way without annoying your visitors and naturally turn them into leads, sales and repeat customers.

Lock in Your Special Early Access Pilot Program to ConvertBox today before the Lifetime deal expires.

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